Prestige Cute 1.8-2 Electric Rice Cooker
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Product Details

Property Details
Scoop Holder The slot in the handle for carrying the cooker also serves as a ladle/scoop holder for serving convenience.
Controls The control switch lever helps in automatic cooking i.e. after the rice is cooked it automatically shifts to “Keep Warm” mode. It also houses 2 indicators- Cook and Warm.
Cool Touch Handles The double wall body and convenient cool touch handles make it easy to carry the cooker. They are sturdy and durable.
Detachable Power Cord The detachable power cord makes the cooker portable and convenient to use.
Additional Cooking Pan An additional cooking pan has been provided for your cooking convenience. The stackable aluminum cooking pans allow uniform distribution of heat for efficient and even cooking of rice. The cooking pans can be stacked and stored in the cooker, thereby saving space.
Close Fit Lid It comes with a high quality stainless steel lid. The lid is provided with a steam vent to allow the steam to escape. It is suitable for cook and serves and is easy to carry.
Property Details
Electric Rice Cooker Scoop Holder, Non-Stick Cooking Pan, Controls, Cool Touch Handles, Detachable Power Cord, Additional Cooking Pan& Close Fit Lid
Color Red
Wattage 700W
Voltage 230V
Capacity 1.8Lit
Warranty 1 year
Includies Main Unit, Warranty Card, User Manual
Mobel Number 42205
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Product Description

Prestige Cute Delight Electric Rice Cooker Presenting an exciting range of electric rice cookers that not only cook rice but an entire menu. Cook porridge, soup, stew, pulao, idlis, and steam vegetables in a convenient and hassle-free way. With its advanced features, Prestige Cute Rice Cooker is an indispensable kitchen appliance to own. With 1.8 liters capacity, 700 watts motor and auto cut-off feature, cooking rice was never this easy. The attractive looks of this rice cooker is sure to add elegance to your kitchen!

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