Prestige POTG 46Lit Convection
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Property Details
About OTG It comes with a user manual for easy instructions on how to use. so that you can use it comfortably.
Temperature Control with Timer To have complete control with this system, that gives you variable temperature control up to 250 degrees. It helps in easy identifying of temperature for precise cooking. Also, it comes with a convenient timer switch which sets the system for precise cooking as per recipe and saves energy.
Robust Stay Cool Handle The OTG is equipped with an ergonomically designed handle that stays cool irrespective of the temperature within, making it safe and easy to operate.
Enameled Baking Tray & Steel Wire Rack It comes with enameled baking drop down crumb tray assures long lasting good looks, easy maintenance and better baking performance in everyday use. The grill rack and tray handle makes the OTG perfect for various grilling needs.
High Efficiency Stainless Steel Heaters Be assured of long lasting performance with 4 high quality stainless steel heaters that gives you fast heat, faster cooking and durability.
Full Size Glass Doors Watch your preparations come to life in full glory with full sized glass doors that makes cleaning the oven after use easy.
Rotisserie Function The appliance comes with removable rod with 2 grips which helps in uniform heating from 5 heating positions, while grilling meats and vegetables with the convenient rotisserie function that automatically rotates the food, constantly.
Thoughtful Accessories for Convenience The OTG comes with a range of thoughtfully assorted accessories that make baking a pure pleasure and also adds convenience to your experience.
Convection Function To get the perfect texture and browning on kebabs and more, it is provided with convection function where the hot air is circulated inside the OTG, which ensures perfect consistency of the dishes.
Property Details
OTG features Temperature Control Knob, Timer Control Knob, Power Indicator, Glass Door, Doors Handle & Enclousre
Color Grey with Black
Voltage 230v
Wattage 1500w
Capacity 46 litres
Includies Main Unit, Warranty Card, User Manual
Warranty 1 year
Cooking capability Baking, Grilling, toasting
Model Number 42257
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POTG 46 Ltr - with Rotisserie & Convection Prestige oven toaster lets you prepare lip smacking delicacies like pizzas, tikkas, kebabs, cakes, breads, baked vegetables and more. It has powder coated outer body with 1500 watts power motor for better performance. It comes with a toaster griller, and features such as convection for perfect browning, full size glass door for better display, rotisserie functions, sliding crumb tray and much more to keep your family excited! Prepare delicacies like roast papad, cheese and bread toast and more.

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