Luminous PowerX 2250 Home Ups
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Property Details
Pure Sine Wave output Delivers pure sine wave output thereby ensuring safety of your appliances. Appliances run without noise and last longer.
Low Voltage Charging The UPS starts charging batteries even at low mains voltage of 120 Volts. Ideal for rural and other areas where voltage fluctuations are high.
Runs Heavy Loads The powerful UPS can run heavy loads like Steam Iron, Immersion Rod, Printer, Mixer Grinder, Toaster, Heater, Geyser, Photocopiers, Scanners, etc.
Enhanced protection through MCB World class MCB ensures your UPS and connected loads stay protected from short circuits.
ECO & UPS mode In UPS Mode, output voltage is kept in range of 180V to 260V - ensuring safety of sensitive appliances such as computers. In Eco Mode, voltage range is extended thereby reducing battery usage.
Property Details
Application area Big Homes - 3 BHK & above, Businesses
VA Rating 2000
Technology Sine wave
No. of batteries supported (12V) 2 Battery
Max Charging Current (in Amperes) 17 Amps
Running appliances Fans, Laptops, LED TV, Lights, Mixer Grinder
Supported battery types Flat, Tubular, VRLA (SMF)
Protections DC Low Voltage / Over Voltage, Deep Discharge, High Temperature, Overload, Reverse Polarity, Shortcircuit
Extra Features Digital display, Fast charging, MCB protection
Net weight (kg.) 20.6
Property Details
Rugged technology design for high performance and longer back-up time, specially suited for Indian power conditions
Supports a wide range of batteries with 3-step charging current and 4-step battery type selection
Adaptive battery charging control technology (ABCC) ensures faster battery charging and enhances battery life up to 70%
Battery charging commences even at input voltage as low as 120V AC
Intelligent thermal management system keeps your system cool and shuts down the system during over temperature condition
Pure Sine Wave Output
24 Months Warranty
Supports Flat, Tubular, SMF & Local Battery
7-Segment display with battery and load level indicator
MCB Protection
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Product Description

Luminous PowerX is a pure sine wave Home UPS in high KVA range. The low harmonic distortion makes this inverter practically noiseless and the pure sine wave output makes it highly efficient and helps save on electricity bills. It has features such as load and battery level display in percentage, MCB protection, seven segment digital display and faster charging ability, making it a preferred Home UPS model for high power requirements.

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