Prestige Truedge Sapphire 10 Pcs Set with free Kinfe Holder
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Product Details

Property Details
Ultra Sharp Edge
High definition serrations for everyday food preparation
Soft Touch Dual Tone Handles
Unique Slot Free Knife Holder
Property Details
Set Content: 5 Knives ( chef knife, cook knife, paring knife, utility knife, veg knife) & Veg. Scissor, & Peeler, 3 Serving Spoon ( soup laddle, slotted turner, slotted spoon), & Kinfe Holder
Material Tempered Steel
Color Red with Black /Silver
Model Number 43045
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Product Description

Presenting Prestige Truedge Sapphire Knife Set . Their unique features make them last for a longer time. With a range of knives, including knife sets and individually packed knives. Prestige Tru-edge Sapphire knives makes a perfect accessory to your kitchen.