Prestige Apple Plus 2 Lit Pressure Cooker (Polished)
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Product Details

Property Details
Anti-bulge induction base
New weight valve
Metallic safety plug
Unique shape
Self locating pivot
Induction and gas compatible
Unique shape
Property Details
Color Sliver
Material Aluminium
Capacity 2 Lit
Warranty 5 Years
Model Number 11051
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Product Description

The wonderfully efficient and good looking apple cooker is now a bigger treat. The all new Apple Duo Plus Cooker comes with a hard anodised body and an elegant stainless steel lid. While it makes the cooker more durable, it adds to the glamour of this already beautiful product. So go ahead and flaunt a kitchen that is both hard working and incredibly good looking. From the house of Prestige comes the masterpiece which will light up your kitchen like never before. The Prestige apple plus is a stunning new pressure cooker that you would want to flaunt at the dining table. Preparing healthy meals could not be done with more class than with this premium pressure cooker. This range of pressure cookers come with a unique anti bulge induction base suitable for induction cooking as well as traditional cooking while offering the highest level of safety in inner lid pressure cookers.

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