Prestige Clean Home Handy Vacuum Cleaner Typhoon 03,Red
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Property Details
Because of non-maintenance of the HEPA filter, the vaccuum cleaner might get overheated. If you clean the HEPA filter and fit the same properly, you would not face the problem of over heating. Kindly dust out the HEPA filter and clean the filter regularly.
Blower Function is present in this model
Depending On Usage, if motor gets heated, It has a auto cut off for safety purpose.
Transparent Bagless Dust Tank
Compact Design & Powerful Performance
Property Details
Color Red
Net Weight 2 Kg
Model 42653
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Prestige presents Typhoon 03 Vacuum Cleaner. A compact, lightweight yet powerful vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning convenient & effective. Designed smartly to match up all your cleaning needs. Its bagless dust bowl collects dust and eliminates the need for repeated changing of bags, thereby eliminating maintenance costs. The 2-in-1 Vacuum cleaner, with an 800 W suction and blower function, makes multipurpose cleaning hassle-free like never before. This smart Vacuum Cleaner from the vacuum cleaner is designed to remove dust from those dusty curtains in your bedroom to the even dustier carpet in your living room.

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