Luminous ToughX TR 100-D 1.5 Stabilizer
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Priced : 3090
Property Details
DGR Tech Supports your appliance even on Generator Supply
Regulated & Safe Voltage output Delivers the stabilised voltage for the specific appliance
Spike Guard Prevents damage to appliances during voltage spikes
Zero Crossing Tech Prevents voltage shocks to the connected appliances
i-Start Intelligently starts individual AC within 1-35 sec to prevent mains overload
Property Details
Application Area Refrigerator up to 450L
Input Voltage Range 100-280V
Operation Automatic
Colour Cool Grey
Installation Wall Mount/Table Top
Cabinet Material Metal
Display 7-Segment
i-Start Time Delay 1-35 secs
Net weight (kg.) 3
Dimensions (LxWxH) 205x192x100 mm
Property Details


1) DGR Tech
2) Regulated & Safe Voltage output
3) Spike Guard
4) Zero Crossing Tech
5) i-Start

Microprocessor based system
Complete Metal body
High Efficient Transformer for less heating
7-Segment Digital Display with various indications
Wall Mountable
Automatic Low & High Cut Off
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Product Description

ToughX Automatic Voltage Stabilizer comes from brand Luminous, the most trusted brand in power back-up solutions. It is designed to give your loved appliances the protection they need from fluctuating voltages and surges.

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